Our mission at Greska’s Carbon-60™ is to supply the world with clean, pure, and highly bio-available Carbon 60. We aim to provide fast customer support and fair pricing.

Bob Greska developed a clean non-solvent method of producing pristine C60 in 2012. This discovery led to the founding of Carbon 60, Inc.

We are committed to maintaining our highest standards associated with C60 production, bottling, packaging, and delivery. We strive to meet all regulatory rules, laws, and regulations mandated to produce a high-quality nutritional supplement.

Our corporate headquarters and facilities are located in Littleton Colorado just south of Denver, near the Rocky Mountains.




In 1978, after earning his Bachelor of Science Materials Engineering degree at southeastern Massachusetts University (now U Mass.) Bob Greska began working at Lockheed Missile and Space, the premiere spacecraft manufacturing facility of the U.S. located in Sunnyvale California. Here he learned the finer details of manufacturing spacecraft quality Carbon/Epoxy structures and engineered graphite/composite components. Also, Bob worked as a materials and process engineer on the ceramic tiles which were used as the re-entry heatshields for the very first reusable space shuttle, Columbia. His duties included engineering oversight of the process of turning high purity silicon dioxide glass fibers into the ceramic billets used to make the reusable space shuttle reentry tiles. Bob’s college education and career in aerospace provided him the opportunity to work with advanced carbon composite materials.

In 1980 Martin Marietta hired Bob as a material specialist for its carbon fiber laboratory. He worked on carbon fiber-reinforced composite projects and supported the design team of the commercial jet aircraft engine nacelles.

In 1990 Bob founded Engineering Innovations, LLC, a firm dedicated to the design and manufacture of various, carbon fiber and Kevlar structures for medical, sports, fitness, and aerospace applications. He worked mainly with carbon, water, petrochemicals, and glasses; and developing many new technologies for the advancement of human performance. It was at Engineering Innovations that Bob pioneered the modern-day spring shoe and the personal Hypobaric (altitude simulation) chambers. He also developed composite prosthetic devices, a revolutionary carbon fiber robot arm, a body fitting graphite/Kevlar seat for top-fuel dragsters, graphite-wrapped baseball bats, drumsticks, violin bows, and miniature carbon-carbon rocket nozzles, as well as a honeycomb-sandwich force platform for human metabolic studies. Bob also developed electrolysis devices to separate hydrogen from water and alkalize drinking water for health purposes.

In 2012, Bob discovered a revolutionary non-solvent method to produce Carbon 60. This discovery lead to the production of the first Food Grade Carbon 60. After 18 months of extensive scientific research, Mr. Greska realized C60’s potential for health and human performance.

He wanted to share this remarkable find with others. To spread the news about this revolutionary nutritional supplement, Bob Greska (CEO) formed Carbon 60, Inc.

Bob’s overall mission is to pioneer and research new technologies for the betterment of human performance and advancement of mankind.



As most experts agree, excessive free radicals are a major contributor to cellular degeneration and aging. Free radicals are molecules in your body missing an electron. These electron-deficient molecules impair healthy bodily functions by stealing electrons from healthy cells. This cascading process of stealing electrons is known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress damages and impedes optimal cell function. Greska’s Carbon-60™ provides electrons to these problematic molecules, stabilizing them.

We are the only “Food Grade” Carbon 60 manufacturer in the world. We use a Non-Solvent method to produce our C60 (as we use no solvents anywhere in our process). Our exclusive manufacturing method produces pure, natural spheres of Carbon 60 molecules. These molecules are approximately 4000 times smaller than ALL other solvent extraction-based methods see:(certs). This solvent-free C60 manufacturing process was developed in 2012 by a 40-year experienced, Aerospace Materials and Process Carbon Engineer. After much scientific research and laboratory testing, we settled on a highly filtered, cold-pressed, non-GMO, Certified Organic Sunflower Oil as the carrier for our Carbon 60 powder.

We measure our C60 concentration by volume, not by weight. (It’s not how much weight of C60 you have, It’s the number of C60 molecules you have available.) Our C60 molecules, or “particle,” size is extremely small, making it very bio available. We have perfected our process to produce pristine C60 molecules in near-atomic size. Therefore, no separation is required of our C60 powder from other random carbon forms or contaminants, as it is made pure from the start.

The exceptionally small size, spherical shape, AND purity of Greska’s Carbon 60 is the big scientific breakthrough. Since our C60 size is so small, they are much more easily magnetically attracted by the small electron charges of free radicals and toxins. The great number of C60 "molecules" and their small size, make them a more bio-available Super Antioxidant. We have over 100 billion C60 molecules in our suggested serving of two-thirds milliliter. (1/8th teaspoon).

Greska’s C-60™ is so fine we can concentrate a large number of C60 molecules in a very small volume of oil, eliminating the need to consume vast quantities of oil.

Bob Greska’s science and lifetime carbon background has given him the resources and knowledge to produce a product and company that has dramatically impacted many lives for the better.