May 24, 2017

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Time to get Your Shoes on, it's Marathon Season

You’ve been running, you’ve created a routine, and now you’re ready for something more challenging than a 5k. You’ve set your sights on a marathon. Training to run 26.2 miles will be hard, and some days you may want to give up. But, crossing the finish line after crossing the finish line will be an extraordinary experience you will never forget.

We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips for novice marathoners to help get them ready for the big day.

Don’t Skimp on the Shoes

You may have gotten a few cheap pairs while you were building your endurance, but now is the time to invest in a nice pair of shoes. Going to a store that specializes in running shoes means you can get expert advice on which shoes would be best for your running style. More importantly it means you will have a sturdy pair of shoes that will carry you all 26.2 miles.

Build Your Mileage

Before you begin training for your marathon you should be able to comfortably run 20 to 30 miles three to five times per week. This is the base level of fitness you should be at to comfortably train and run a marathon. If you want to take on the challenge anyway, you can look up some great guides for novice trainers. There is also a variety of helpful guides explaining each workout and why you do it to improve your marathon training.

To build your mileage and endurance you will need to increase your distance by 10% every week. If that’s too much or doesn’t feel hard enough, then you can adjust accordingly.

Don’t Skip the Long Run

This is the important one. The one that will get your body acclimated to running long distances. This is a once a week run during your training period where you work up to running about 20 miles. Experts recommend not running a full 26.2 miles because of the risk of injury before race day. Be sure you feel comfortable running about 20 miles before heading to the starting line.

Don’t Skip the Hills

Hill training is a great way to build muscle and endurance. Along with your other training, running up and down hills will give you an edge over people who don’t. We know hills are intimidating, but trust us, it will be worth it.

Stop at the Aid Stations

You may not need to come to a complete stop, but at least slow down to pick up some water or sports drink. Your body won’t be able to stay hydrated while running long marathon distances. Try to consume six to eight ounces of water every three miles or so.

If you are training for a marathon, Carbon 60™ may be able to help. Our satisfied customers have said that taking Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil™ has helped them increase endurance, improve run times, and lessen their recovery time. Don’t wonder what your best time could have been… buy your bottle today!

Running Tips for Beginners

As the weather becomes warmer and the days get longer, many of us decide to take up running, or training for a race for the very first time. It can be intimidating! How often you should run and for how long? It’s even more intimidating when you can’t even run for more than a block before becoming too out of breath to continue. The bottom line is, if you want to run—do it, and do it at your own pace.

We often think we should be at a peak level of fitness even though we’ve never really exercised before. It’s the reason we cancel gym memberships after the first or second month of the year. The challenge seems so insurmountable and we are so discouraged that we give up thinking we will never get to the level of fitness we think we should be. This can be especially true if you are starting a new running regime, and can be compounded by a lack of fitness, unhealthy lifestyle, or excess weight.Here are five tips to help you get off the couch and into your running shoes.

Talk to Your Doctor

Okay, you’ve heard this before, but it’s always good to mention again. If you are overweight, or have never exercised before you should check in with your doctor. He or she will likely want to do a physical, and talk to you about your fitness goals and how best to achieve them. Your doctor may recommend certain exercises or recommend not doing others because of health problems. Whatever the case, don’t be discouraged.

Set Goals

We have all been guilty of saying things like, “I want to get fit,” and heading to the gym, only to find you have no way to measure how far you have come. By having a goal in mind, you can see how far you have come since the beginning and how far you need to go. For running it could be anything from running one block without stopping, for thirty minutes without stopping, or finishing your first 5k without walking. Having this goal will also help you develop a training regimen.

Create a Routine

If you go into any goal with the mentality of, “I’ll do it when I have time,” it will never get done. Set a time and day each week that you will pull on the shoes and shuffle down the sidewalk or to the gym. Don’t beat yourself up if life happens—because it will. Instead focus on how far you’ve come and how you will improve next week.

Use the Right Posture to Prevent Injury

There are many types of running postures, and you can experiment with them after you’ve found your natural running form that you feel comfortable with. Keep your core strong and landing correctly will help you prevent injury, especially on those long runs. This video can help you get started:

Run at Your Own Pace

The only person you can compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday. Making progress and improving your own time and distances are all the matters. When we start comparing ourselves to those who are more physically fit, or who have been running for years, we can get discouraged by the things we can’t do. Instead, use those people as role models and mentors. Find out their story, if they have any tips, and strive to be able to run as far and as fast as they do.

If you are starting a new running routine or training for your next marathon, Carbon 60™ can help! Our satisfied customers claim that Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower OIl™ has helped them build endurance, and run longer and faster. Try Carbon 60™ for yourself and see how it can help you get your best times yet. Buy your bottle today!

May 10, 2017

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UV radiation, Inflammation, and Free Radical Formation

Cancer is the second highest leading cause of death in the United States, so it’s likely that a cancer diagnosis has touched us or a friend or family member. While there is nothing we can do to prevent cancer, there are things we can do to reduce our risk of cancer helping us live happier, healthier lives.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are a number of things we can do to help reduce our risk or cancer. Two of the top three suggestions are eating a healthy diet and being physically active. These two key suggestions do one key thing: help fight inflammation.

Fighting inflammation is the key to helping to reduce the risk or getting many diseases, including cancer. That is because inflammation in the body create a domino effect of free radical creation. Free radicals are molecules in the body that have lost an electron. This causes damage to the cells around it by making them lose electrons too. An excess of free radicals cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is when the body’s natural ways of getting rid of free radicals is overwhelmed. This cascading effect of free radical formation will continue causing inflammation and the mutation of cells due to internal and external forces.

Research shows us that inflammation plays a key role in the “development and progression of multiple cancers including those of the … skin,” one of the most common types of cancer in the U.S. Excess exposure to radiation, including that of UV rays, can cause excess inflammation and cell mutation. UV rays are considered a “complete carcinogen” because of this.

Free radicals cause cell mutations by causing chemical damage to DNA promoting inflammation, cancer, and a number of other diseases. But by practicing a healthy lifestyle, and having a diet of mainly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, we can help to prevent the excess formation of free radicals in our bodies.

Additionally we can incorporate a superior anti-oxidant by also taking Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil™. Carbon 60, or bucky balls as they are commonly known, have been shown to be a superior anti-oxidant. Carbon 60 is able to neutralize more free radicals than other known anti-oxidants. This means Carbon 60™ can help you live a happier healthier life.

Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil™ can help you reduce inflammation because it’s a superior carbon product. Through our proprietary process, we create single carbon molecules, instead of clumps of carbon. Because we can produce single carbon molecules, Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil™ can neutralize more free radicals than other carbon products on the market.

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Carbon 60™ and the link with Alzheimer's Disease

As we age, we know that we are not going to be at our physical or mental best forever. Our joints ache, we don’t have the energy we did in our twenties, and we might forget where we left our glasses! So, when memory problems occur we assume it’s just another symptom of old age. But there is always the possibility that the slow memory decline you witness from friends or family can be early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease (AD).


Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between old age forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s, but AD is a progressive disease that will get worse over time. As the disease progresses two things happen in the brain. First, there is a buildup of protein plaques that fill in and buildup in the space between nerve cells. Second, there is a buildup of tangles, a different protein that creates twisted fibers that buildup inside cells. It is thought that both plaques and tangles play a role in disrupting the process in which nerves and cells need to communicate. As this happens the brain begins to function less and less efficiently and eventually cannot work properly resulting death.

Current research shows the role inflammation plays in the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. Research is showing that early diagnosis and treatment of this inflammation could be key in reversing or preventing the buildup of plaques and tangles – stopping AD in its tracks. Specifically, these studies are looking at how Carbon 60 can help prevent and treat plaque buildup in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.

In these studies, Carbon 60 binds to these plaques and removes them from the brain. This has the potential to be an effective treatment for those already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Carbon 60 has also been shown to be a highly effective anti-inflammatory, by reducing the number of free radicals in the body (link to previous blog post). An excessive buildup of free radicals in the body can lead to oxidative stress and increased or constant inflammation in the body. With this new and exciting scientific breakthrough in the role inflammation plays in Alzheimer’s, and how Carbon 60 can help, we now have hope for friends and family with AD for an effective treatment or cure in the near future.

Don’t wait to start feeling better! With Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil™ you can start helping your body fight free radicals, reduce inflammation, and feel better today. Don’t hesitate… buy your bottle now!
April 26, 2017

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How Inflammation Affects Our Bodies

Our bodies are truly an engineering marvel. Made up of a complex system of blood vessels, muscle, organs, and dense skeletal framework all working together so that we can live. But sometimes our bodies aren’t working like they should be. When our bodies aren’t working properly they are often battling against excess inflammation.


There is a verity of things that can cause our body’s to have excess inflammation: poor diet, lack of exercise, illness, cancer, and many other things. What scientists are finding now is that this excess inflammation in our body can contribute to and cause a number of diseases. In fact, inflammation is involved in 8 of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States. If we look at our health from an inflammation standpoint if we could get the inflammation in our bodies under control – we would be might be able to live longer healthier lives.


One of the side effects of inflammation is the formation of free radicals; which can lead to oxidative stress, and an increase in inflammation. This vicious cycle can prevent us from fully healing after injuries, illness, or poor lifestyle choices. As our bodies continue to go downhill we tend to accept that things like diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s are just what happens to us as we age. But research shows that we don’t have to accept this outcome.


 Scientists are showing in a number of research studies state that Carbon 60, also known as Bucky Balls, can be used to reduce or eliminate inflammation caused by injury, disease, or external irritants. This has to do, in part, because of its superior anti-oxidant properties. Since inflammation creates a cascading effect of the formation of free radicals that the body cannot keep it check, then it is no surprise that Carbon 60 can help reduce or eliminate inflammation.


Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil™, is the best Carbon 60 product on the market, due to our proprietary process. We are able to create single molecules of Carbon 60, instead of clumps, which means it can naturalize more free radicals. This also means you are getting a higher dose of Carbon 60 when you use Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil™, so it is more effective than other Carbon 60 products on the market.


Don’t settle for anything but the best when you are looking for a superior anti-oxidant fighting product. Buy your bottle of Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil™ today!
April 19, 2017

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Workout and Train Harder with Carbon 60™

We’ve all been there, either as an exercise novice or experienced athlete, the aches and pains that sets in after a workout. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is the soreness that you feel within 12 to 24 hours of your work out. It is thought that inflammation and free radicals play a role in this normal result of working out.


The inflammation occurs when microscopic tears in the muscle happen during
a new, challenging, or extreme workout. These tears cause inflammation and lead to free radical formation that result in the soreness we feel. For many athletes, and new comers to a fitness regimen, this is completely normal. Though these tears we are able to build new muscle and become stronger and closer to achieving our fitness goals.
As they say no pain no gain.


But that doesn’t help us the next day when we are struggling to walk up and down the stairs or push through another workout. Light exercise has been shown to help DOMS, it is only a short-term solution and you may be back to full soreness within the day.
As more science comes in, we are learning more and more about the way the free radicals interact with our bodies. One of the things coming to light is that free radicals affect our bodies in ways that range from DOMS to cancer. Science is also beginning to show that Carbon 60 is a superior anti-oxidant.


In the case of DOMS free radicals are one of the factors that create the tenderness, inflammation, and soreness we are so accustomed to after a hard day at the gym or a long run. By taking Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil™, you can begin to reduce or eliminate your DOMS, and improve your workouts.


Our satisfied customers have said that after taking Carbon 60™ it has eliminated DOMS after workouts and reduced recovery time which allowed them to train harder and faster. Carbon-60™ has helped customers increase endurance and reduce run times without changing their training by only adding Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil™.


Start training harder today... Buy your bottle of Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil™!
April 03, 2017

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Breaking Down the Science of Carbon 60

Happy Healthy CoupleRecently there has been a lot of research into anti-aging and disease prevention, and scientists have concluded that free radicals are a large contributing factor to our failing health. Not only do free radicals contribute to the process of aging; they are thought to contribute to a range of diseases including cancer and hardening of the arteries.

What is a free radical?

Scientifically, a free radical is a molecule that has an unpaired election. Since this molecule is always seeking balance it will give away its unpaired electron or take one from another molecule creating a chain reaction in nearby molecules. These rogue molecules can damage the membranes of cells, DNA, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in our body’s.

We naturally produce free radicals just by being alive. Healthy activities such as running or strength training can create free radicals. Generally free radicals are kept in balance by anti-oxidants through foods that we eat. Unfortunately, the creation of free radicals is not limited to exercising.

Everyday we are exposed to a number of external influences that create free radicals in our body. Things like car exhaust, cigarette smoke, pesticides/herbicides, and radiation exposure create free radicals. In our modern life exposure to these things is not 100% avoidable.

Our bodies are always fighting the formation of free radicals from internal and external forces, but it can become overwhelmed. This overwhelming of the body’s natural defenses against free radicals is called oxidative stress. When we cannot keep up with the accumulation of free radicals, we can begin to decline in health.

What is an anti-oxidant?

As with most things health related, what we put in our bodies goes a long way to preventing diseases and old age discomforts. A recent study of food related anti-oxidants shows that eating unprocessed foods, which have more nutrients and vitamins, help to fight free radicals. Anti-oxidants are free radical scavengers in the body that donate electrons “attaching” to and preventing them from damaging the body further.

Perhaps more important, Carbon 60 has been shown to be an excellent; superior; non-toxic anti-oxidant. Adding a superior anti-oxidant like Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil™ to your diet will help your body fight free radicals. Our proprietary process of creating and suspending single molecules of Carbon 60 in Sunflower Oil is solvent free making it safer than other carbon-60 products on the market. Because our perfected process produces single molecules of Carbon 60 they can repair much more free radical damage than other anti-oxidants.

Don’t wait to improve your health… Buy your bottle today!

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