There is So Much to Learn About the Benefits of Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil

Watch this video as Regina Meredith and Bob Greska talk about the benefits of C60.

The benefits of C60 and other explanations that you’ll learn about in this video include:

  • Research Scientist and Founder of Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil, Bob Greska’s background working with Carbon
  • Discovery and History of the Bucky Ball
  • Geometry of Carbon 60 Molecule
  • The Antioxidant Qualities of C60
  • Why We Use Sunflower Oil
  • What are Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress
  • Athletic Performance  
  • How Carbon 60 May Help with Inflammation Reduction
  • More Energy
  • Arthritis and other Health Issues
  • Topical Application
  • Cancer and Free Radicals
  • Highly Concentrated Single C60 Molecules
  • No Toxic Solvents
  • Dosage of Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Where to Buy Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil

Regina Meredith is a pioneer in the world of Conscious Media and is one of the most respected TV hosts and bloggers in the world of esoteric studies, health discoveries, politics and secret agendas. As the co-founder of Conscious Media Network, host of OpenMinds on Gaia TV, and the founder of her own free streaming video network, Regina has reached millions with messages of hope and enlightenment. Join her community at

In 2012, in a break-through discovery, Bob Greska created a non-solvent method to produce “mono-molecular” Carbon-60, (single, non-clustered Carbon 60 or C60 molecules). After extensive scientific and medical research, Mr. Greska realized the potential health and athletic performance benefits associated with Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil and wanted to share this remarkable find with those who wish to feel better and work-out harder. So, he formed Carbon 60, LLC to focus on this revolutionary product.

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C60 and Brain Fog is Gone!

Carbon 60 and Brain Fog






Does your brain feel foggy at times? Do you feel like you’re slow to react and to formulate thoughts? You may try and dismiss this foggy brain by attributing it to old age, being distracted or just a brain blip.


But, our brain fog could be caused by toxins in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat. There are even health conditions that can cause us to not be as sharp as we’d like, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

What if you could remove these brain fog inducing toxins, and the free radicals caused by these toxins?  A new, atomic size, carbon molecule can pull these toxins from smallest of places in your body. Not only helping with clarity of mind, but also help with many health issues. 

Carbon is a natural cleanser. Carbon is the backbone of all animal and plant life on this planet and, so it is inherently safe. Studies have shown that Carbon 60 (C60) is an incredible antioxidant.

Tiny single molecules of carbon 60 are suspended in high grade Sunflower oil. You consume a little over a half an eye dropper full of this very black oil daily. Many people claim that this only works in olive oil. Don’t be fooled—it’s not the oil that’s important—it’s the number of single molecules of C60 in each bottle that’s important!

The abundance of these single molecules of c60 can only be found in Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil. It is affordable and available only from Carbon 60, Inc.

When was the last time you had clarity of mind or felt as sharp as a tack? Most people feel a difference after 4 days. Our satisfied customer are saying they have more energy, clarity of mind and a many health improvements. Think about it, and improve you mind clarity and your health…don’t wait…order today!


January 15, 2018


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What Are Some of The Biggest Misconceptions of Working Out?


Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

 Since you started conquering your exercise routine, you’ll soon start to see results. Imagine that you look in the mirror to see that your stomach has become more toned. Then you hop on the scale, but, the number is the same as it was last time. Were your workouts not strenuous enough? Maybe you’re targeting the wrong places. Well, probably not. When you start working out consistently, muscle starts to build. So, it’s possible that while you may have lost five pounds of fat, it has been replaced with five pounds of muscle. Also, consider the non-visible effects. After a few weeks of working out, you have already reduced the risk for blood sugar levels. Is that a reason to throw out your scale all together? Of course not. Having SMART, measurable results is a great way to stay motivated and achieve your goals.


Working Out is Overwhelming

 A body at rest, tends to stay at rest and a body in motion, generally stays in motion. At least that’s what Newton said. Yes, this actually pertains to physics, but it’s a great mindset when it comes to exercise. When you make the move to start exercising and stay consistent, it will keep getting easier and easier to workout. You will start to see the results such as feeling better and having more energy. Once, you start with one rest day that turns into two, or three, or ten, you are making it easier for your body to stay at rest and harder to see results. So, don’t give up! The longer you stick with your routine, the simpler it will be.


No Pain, No Gain

While it’s true that some pain is good for you when exercising, that is not entirely plausible. The pain you should be feeling comes from delayed onset muscle soreness, which tends to occur in the days after a heavy workout. That type of soreness is an indicator that you are building muscle. However, you should not be in pain during your workouts. Mild discomfort is okay. If you are pushing yourself to the limits where the pain is too intense, or you can’t handle it anymore, you are overdoing it. Continuing to work out with increased pain can lead to serious injuries or muscle burnout. Stay safe and workout smarter, not harder.


Stretching Avoids Injuries

A study on muscle performance published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggested that static stretching that lasts longer than one minute, can be derogatory towards your workout. Subsequently, another research study on stretching produced by the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation stated that static stretching can also result in a better range of motion, but reduced muscle strength. Static stretches are when you stretch while staying in place, such as touching your toes, reaching your arms out to each leg, or pulling up your ankle and balancing on one leg. A better way to stretch is to be more interactive. Warm ups such as quick jogs, walking lunges, high knees, or arm circles are great because they incorporate and introduce a higher range of motion to your muscles. Therefore, your muscles are ready to move and be flexible when you start exercising! Practice these dynamic stretches to start getting more out of your workouts and everyday activities.

Give Carbon-60 a try to help you stay on top of your fitness routine!

Your Health and Free Radical Repair with C60: Miracle or Myth?

Let’s face it. Some of us are not athletically inclined. So, you’re not an athlete, or can’t be an athlete, but you want your body to perform like one—what are your options?

Athletic bodies develop a mechanism to stay healthy. When muscles are worked to excess, as in strenuous exercise, they are pushed into state of oxidative stress generating free radicals. Over the next few days, a conditioned athlete’s body naturally removes these free radicals. In the process of removing these free radicals an athlete’s body also removes free radicals caused by toxins. Conditioning your body to remove these toxin generated free radicals is what helps keeps you healthy. 

What if you can’t condition your body like athlete to remove these free radicals? You may have health issues that prevent you from exercising and working out. So, what can you do? Carbon 60 can help with that. 

These very tiny, near atomic size, carbon 60 molecules can safely arrest and negate these harmful free radicals. A cutting edge scientific development in nano-technology by Bob Greska at Carbon 60, Inc. allows these free radicals and the toxins themselves to be eradicated.

Our formula is a powerful, safe, non-toxic source of millions of single carbon 60 molecules suspended in organic sunflower oil. It’s just C60 and organic sunflower oil. No fillers. No toxic solvents. No GMOs and it’s gluten free.

What does this mean? It means taking this carbon-60 rich, deep black, nearly tasteless organic sunflower oil will essentially give you the same health benefits as a conditioned athlete. 

The abundance of these single molecules of C60 can only be found in Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil. It is very affordable and only available from Carbon 60, Inc.

Many of our satisfied customers feel a difference after 4 days, saying they have more energy, clarity of mind and experience many health improvements.

So, don’t wait to start feeling better. Order your bottle of Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil. It just might be a life-changer for you!

Stay Healthy My Friend. 

6 Ways To Keep Up Your Fitness Resolutions With Carbon 60

#livebetterwithcarbonIt’s never too late to start your New Year’s Resolution fitness plan. Maybe you feel like giving up before you’ve even started. Year after year, you’ve gone to the gym, started the workouts, only to be met with depleting motivation of why you were doing this in the first place. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, as 40% of other Americans have the same problem as you.

Don’t Give Up Just Yet

The reality is, fitness is a commitment. And it’s a commitment that takes motivation. But when you go to work 5 days a week for 40 hours, take care of your kids, or run your household, it doesn’t seem like you have all the time and motivation in the world to visit the gym. Or maybe it’s the delayed onset muscle soreness from the days afterward that makes you feel good, but mostly regretful of your choices. We’ve all been there, so why not find ways to stay determined in the gym and not let another year pass before reaching your goals? Take a look at these six methods to keeping your resolution up to date in 2018.

No. 1 Reflect
Take time before or after your workout to remember why you chose exercise to be a part of your New Year's Resolutions in the first place. Remind yourself of the goals you set before starting. Did you have the same goals for yourself last year? Why were you not capable of reaching them?
No. 2 Results Take Time, Habits Form Quickly
By now you know that exercise is a long-term investment. To actually see results, depending on what you are working on, can take weeks or months. But how can you stay motivated for that long? Research suggests that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit and 66 days for that habit to become a part of your automatic routine. When you keep your workouts consistent within your daily routine, you’ll find it much easier to make it to the gym each day.
No. 3 Start Smaller, Work Harder
Seeing is believing when it comes to exercise, so in order to conquer your resolution, you must have a sense of progress. When you see that the results are measurable, it makes your goals seem more attainable. Therefore, try measuring your progress slowly, but consistently. Take a couple pictures weekly to see the improvements your body is making. If you have a goal to lose weight, keep a journal with weekly goals of where you would like to be and start in small increments. Remember that it is important to challenge yourself, but the bigger the goals you make in the beginning, the harder it will be to reach them.
No. 4 Find A Workout Buddy
Find someone to go to the gym with or take group fitness classes. It is a lot easier to start something new when you’re not going into it alone. Sharing these experiences and successes with another person can make the task seem a lot less daunting and maybe even a bit more fun.
No. 5 Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself
When starting a New Year's Resolution, it’s hard to not feel like if you make one mistake then your progress is over. Yes, there may be a time when you miss a couple workouts or the gym for a week because work was hectic. Life happens. Facing obstacles on the way to reaching your goals is completely normal, even when you’re the one creating the obstacles for yourself. Don’t give up completely. You can always recover from your missteps and get back on track to reaching your goals.
No. 6 Beat Muscle Soreness, Take Carbon-60
Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is the sore feeling people experience in the hours or days after a good workout. With this amount of pain, it's easy to get deterred from working out. There are a couple ways of reducing or avoiding this soreness. Eating a good diet with the correct amount of protein and nutrients before and after a workout can keep you and your body feeling energized. Or, if planning a new diet seems too intimidating, Carbon-60 can help your muscles regenerate to the point where soreness will no longer be an excuse to miss the gym.

How do I get my hands on it you ask? Order your bottle of Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil today and say bye-bye to DOMS and hello to better workouts!

Which is the Best Oil to Maximize the Benefits of C60?

There’s a lot of questions that have come up lately about which is the best oil to use when taking Carbon-60. It’s not very complicated—any oil is okay and here’s why.

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The C60 molecule, also called a buckyball because of its soccer ball shape, is a tiny molecule which has incredible anti-oxidant qualities. Each Carbon 60 molecule has 60 electrons available to repair a free radical, which is any molecule that has been damaged and lost an electron. The damage to this molecule can be caused by many factors, including:

 A free radical left unchecked just keeps on creating more problems. It’s highly reactive, bumping into other molecules as it tries to take the other molecule’s electron to heal itself, creating a chain reaction of continued damage, leading to oxidative stress. Medical studies have shown that free radicals are cause of many health problems.

Carbon 60 molecules are a superior anti-oxidant because each C60 molecule has 20 sides to help heal these damaging free radicals. Additionally, their tiny mono-molecular size allows them to travel freely throughout your body. But is it important to note that to be the most effective, these C60 molecules work best when they single or mono-molecular to provide all of those electrons the best opportunity to scavenge and repair free radicals and allow your body to heal.

Now back to the oil. There are many oils available, including olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc., that are viable and work well to suspend the C60 molecules. They all have similar nutritional value, but it is very important to note, that the anti-oxidant qualities of Carbon 60 far, far, far outweigh any anti-oxidant benefit provided by the oil itself.

So why do we use sunflower oil? After testing and tasting many oils, we found sunflower oil, has a pleasant almost nutty taste, it has a better shelf life than many other oils, and is less likely to go rancid.

Since we manufacture our own C60, and don’t rely on third parties to provide our Carbon 60, we know our Carbon 60 is of highest quality. Our proprietary process does not use any toxic solvents.

Our Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil provides one of the best values on the market today as each daily serving size (2/3 dropper full or 2/3 ml) provides millions of single C60 molecules. Each 2 ml bottle contains about a 45-day supply. That’s why if you compare our product it appears as a rich, black, black, black colored liquid.

Are you ready to order your carbon rich proprietary formula C60 Sunflower Oil?

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July 12, 2017


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Thru-Hiking: Not for the Faint of Heart

Andrew HitchcockEach morning you look out the window and see the sun rise against the Rocky Mountains. You can hear them calling you, something about being in nature always does. But you want to do more than drive through it, or park in a crowded campsite. You want to walk and see some of the most beautiful spots in Colorado... in the U.S.. You want to immerse yourself in the pine trees and aspens for days, weeks, months. You want to set out on a Thru-hike.

Whether you are hiking the Colorado Trail or the Continental Divide Trail, here are a few tips to prepare you for the hike.

Be Physically Prepared

There is no easy way to put this: a thru hike is going to take a lot of stamina, strength, and vigor. If you are just starting to hike, get into good physical shape, or are looking at it from a romantic perspective you will likely not be able to fish a several hundred or thousand mile thru hike. Like any kind of athletic training, you will need to prepare your body for the trek ahead. This means training, taking day hikes, and even short (or long) backpacking excursions before you take on the full thru hike. Build muscle. Build stamina and endurance. Build up your cardiovascular health. We want you to finish and enjoy your time on the trail and this is the best way to make sure you do.

Be Mentally Prepared

This goes back to romanticizing the hike. If you think that this will be all spectacular views and personal insights (which will happen) at every turn in the trail, you’ve watched a few too many movies. Talk to people who have done the hike before you. Join forums, Facebook groups, or a local Meetup. Understanding what the hike will require of you mentally will help you prepare for the journey ahead. And when those mornings happen when you don’t want to keep going, when you think you just can’t put one foot in front of the other, all that mental preparedness will come in handy.

Be Financially Prepared

You are about to embark on a one, two, or three-month journey. You need to think about the financial obligations you are leaving behind (rent, car payment, etc.) and the money you will need on the road. You will need to resupply on food, you may want to stay in a hotel room to sleep in a bed and grab a shower, or you may need to replace broken or damaged hiking gear on the trip. These are all things to take into consideration when you start planning your thru hike. One of the many reasons people never finish their thousand-mile hike is they run out of money. Make sure you have all your bases covered before setting out.

Don’t Skimp on the Hiking Gear

This isn’t a day hike, and it will take a different kind of gear you are used to. Invest in durable light-weight gear, and ditch the cotton—you’ll thank us later.

Don’t Skip on the Hiking Shoes

Your shoes, are arguably, the most important piece of gear you will take with you on a thru hike. Why? Your feet are your transportation, and poor shoes could mean the end of your journey. Investing in a good pair of trail shoes or hiking boots will mean that you can cover all the miles in your thru hike without a second thought. Be sure to break them in before you hit the trail, sores and blisters may slow you down, or could mean the end of your journey.

As you are train for a long distance or thru hike, and are looking for a boost, Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil™ may help! Our satisfied customers have reported decreased recovery time and more endurance. Two bottles (30 ml each) will last you three months (45 days per bottle) – long enough to finish your dream thru hike! Don’t wait, buy your Carbon 60™ Organic Sunflower Oil today!

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