6 Ways To Keep Up Your Fitness Resolutions With Carbon 60

#livebetterwithcarbonIt’s never too late to start your New Year’s Resolution fitness plan. Maybe you feel like giving up before you’ve even started. Year after year, you’ve gone to the gym, started the workouts, only to be met with depleting motivation of why you were doing this in the first place. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, as 40% of other Americans have the same problem as you.

Don’t Give Up Just Yet

The reality is, fitness is a commitment. And it’s a commitment that takes motivation. But when you go to work 5 days a week for 40 hours, take care of your kids, or run your household, it doesn’t seem like you have all the time and motivation in the world to visit the gym. Or maybe it’s the delayed onset muscle soreness from the days afterward that makes you feel good, but mostly regretful of your choices. We’ve all been there, so why not find ways to stay determined in the gym and not let another year pass before reaching your goals? Take a look at these six methods to keeping your resolution up to date in 2018.

No. 1 Reflect
Take time before or after your workout to remember why you chose exercise to be a part of your New Year's Resolutions in the first place. Remind yourself of the goals you set before starting. Did you have the same goals for yourself last year? Why were you not capable of reaching them?
No. 2 Results Take Time, Habits Form Quickly
By now you know that exercise is a long-term investment. To actually see results, depending on what you are working on, can take weeks or months. But how can you stay motivated for that long? Research suggests that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit and 66 days for that habit to become a part of your automatic routine. When you keep your workouts consistent within your daily routine, you’ll find it much easier to make it to the gym each day.
No. 3 Start Smaller, Work Harder
Seeing is believing when it comes to exercise, so in order to conquer your resolution, you must have a sense of progress. When you see that the results are measurable, it makes your goals seem more attainable. Therefore, try measuring your progress slowly, but consistently. Take a couple pictures weekly to see the improvements your body is making. If you have a goal to lose weight, keep a journal with weekly goals of where you would like to be and start in small increments. Remember that it is important to challenge yourself, but the bigger the goals you make in the beginning, the harder it will be to reach them.
No. 4 Find A Workout Buddy
Find someone to go to the gym with or take group fitness classes. It is a lot easier to start something new when you’re not going into it alone. Sharing these experiences and successes with another person can make the task seem a lot less daunting and maybe even a bit more fun.
No. 5 Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself
When starting a New Year's Resolution, it’s hard to not feel like if you make one mistake then your progress is over. Yes, there may be a time when you miss a couple workouts or the gym for a week because work was hectic. Life happens. Facing obstacles on the way to reaching your goals is completely normal, even when you’re the one creating the obstacles for yourself. Don’t give up completely. You can always recover from your missteps and get back on track to reaching your goals.
No. 6 Beat Muscle Soreness, Take Carbon-60
Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is the sore feeling people experience in the hours or days after a good workout. With this amount of pain, it's easy to get deterred from working out. There are a couple ways of reducing or avoiding this soreness. Eating a good diet with the correct amount of protein and nutrients before and after a workout can keep you and your body feeling energized. Or, if planning a new diet seems too intimidating, Carbon-60 can help your muscles regenerate to the point where soreness will no longer be an excuse to miss the gym.

How do I get my hands on it you ask? Order your bottle of Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil today and say bye-bye to DOMS and hello to better workouts!

Bob Greska
Bob Greska


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