There is So Much to Learn About the Benefits of Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil

Watch this video as Regina Meredith and Bob Greska talk about the benefits of C60.

The benefits of C60 and other explanations that you’ll learn about in this video include:

  • Research Scientist and Founder of Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil, Bob Greska’s background working with Carbon
  • Discovery and History of the Bucky Ball
  • Geometry of Carbon 60 Molecule
  • The Antioxidant Qualities of C60
  • Why We Use Sunflower Oil
  • What are Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress
  • Athletic Performance  
  • How Carbon 60 May Help with Inflammation Reduction
  • More Energy
  • Arthritis and other Health Issues
  • Topical Application
  • Cancer and Free Radicals
  • Highly Concentrated Single C60 Molecules
  • No Toxic Solvents
  • Dosage of Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Where to Buy Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil

Regina Meredith is a pioneer in the world of Conscious Media and is one of the most respected TV hosts and bloggers in the world of esoteric studies, health discoveries, politics and secret agendas. As the co-founder of Conscious Media Network, host of OpenMinds on Gaia TV, and the founder of her own free streaming video network, Regina has reached millions with messages of hope and enlightenment. Join her community at

In 2012, in a break-through discovery, Bob Greska created a non-solvent method to produce “mono-molecular” Carbon-60, (single, non-clustered Carbon 60 or C60 molecules). After extensive scientific and medical research, Mr. Greska realized the potential health and athletic performance benefits associated with Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil and wanted to share this remarkable find with those who wish to feel better and work-out harder. So, he formed Carbon 60, LLC to focus on this revolutionary product.

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Bob Greska
Bob Greska


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