Chronic Inflammation May Lead to Fibromyalgia, and How Carbon 60 May Help

Carbon 60 for Fibromyalgia

Carbon 60 For FibromyalgiaMany of us suffer from fibromyalgia, or know someone who does. This chronic condition is recognized by its wide spread pain, fatigue, and cognitive fog. The combination of these things can make doing everyday things such as going to the grocery store or taking care of your family difficult, if not impossible. Treatment and medications can help people move through their every day lives, but often one treatment or medication is not enough to relieve all symptoms.

Experts estimate up to 18 million Americans are affected by fibromyalgia, but little is known about its cause, making long-lasting treatment challenging.

Current research is beginning to show evidence this debilitating condition is caused by chronic inflammation.

Scientists are learning that low grade, chronic inflammation, is affecting all areas of our health, from heart disease to cancer. Now we can add fibromyalgia to the list of conditions where inflammation plays a key role. Many of us walk through our daily lives not even thinking about what might be affecting our bodies or how that may play into our future health. Many of these factors, including the food we eat and how often we exercise, are contributing to our overall health. These are the building blocks of a healthy body that can help prevent chronic low-grade inflammation.

“I have taken the Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil for 10 days now. I could tell the difference in my thought process and alertness as if my mind was clearer; my bodies deep muscle aches were reduced for a period less than 24 hours. So I decided to take the Sunflower Oil differently. I take half a dropper in the morning and a half a dropper in the evening. This made a greater difference in me; a continuous relief of deep aches in my muscles and it seems as though my stress level has decreased. I have to say when I went to the gym Thursday I felt I had more stamina and strength so I have over extended the muscles in the upper thighs and abdominal. I wanted to let you know my perspective on the benefits of the Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil. Thank you for sharing this with me. I WILL NEVER STOP USING THIS PRODUCT! Glennette

There are many things which can cause inflammation. Some include: body weight, foods we eat, exercise level and toxins in our environment such as cigarette smoke. Working on one area can affect the others, causing a chain reaction to better overall health. Swapping out highly processed foods, fried foods, and sugar, for more fruits, vegetables, and nuts, can help your body begin to reduce inflammation and possibly relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia and other diseases.

Getting regular exercise also helps to reduce inflammation in your body. Studies show cardio exercise, is especially good at triggering the hormones needed to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Research is beginning to show that many of our health conditions, including those like fibromyalgia, where treatment can be intermittent and, in some cases, ineffective, could be controlled with diet and exercise. Part of what makes changing your diet and exercise so effective is the promotion of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help fight free radicals produced by our bodies, and fight inflammation. This powerful one two punch is vital when it comes to our health, and scientific studies have shown that Carbon 60 or C-60 is a superior anti-oxidant.

As an anti-oxidant, Carbon 60, in addition to diet or exercise changes may help fight free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body. Adding Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oilâ„¢ to your lifestyle changes may help boost your health to the next level, give you more energy, and increase your endurance to get through your day. Don’t wait to start feeling better, buy a bottle today!