Carbon 60 Research Supports Reduction of Inflammation

Carbon 60 Research Supports Reduction of Inflammation

Carbon 60 Research Supports Reduction of Inflammation

Getting older is never easy as we begin to experience health problems. Perhaps there is no bigger sign than aching joints, making it hard to get around and keep up with the grand kids or participate in other fun activates. Though joint pain could mean nothing it could also be a sign of osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, affecting 27 million Americans, and even more worldwide. Everyone is susceptible to osteoarthritis, as it’s the slow break down of the cartilage between our joints. This break down can tear off pieces of cartilage causing them to float around the joint, and it can cause the joint to rub against the bone, as the disease progresses. In some cases it can even cause growths, called spurs, to develop, which can cause even more pain.

All of this leads to inflammation in the joint, even in the initial stages of the disease. This inflammation prevents our bodies from healing, preventing, or stopping further damage. This is the circular effect of osteoarthritis, as the inflammation feeds the progression of the disease making it worse over time. This inflammation can lead to free radical formation, which in turn, leads to oxidative stress. This domino effect can begin to spread throughout the rest of your body, especially in the other joints that are already inflamed. As the inflammation and oxidative stress continues, it begins to break down DNA molecules, making us susceptible to more damaging effects of arthritis, and other diseases.

Free radical damage is caused by molecules on the hunt for electrons. These molecules steal electrons from other molecules to try to balance themselves out. As they take electrons, it creates more unbalanced molecules that are also on the hunt, and begin stealing electrons from those around it. This cascading effect leads to oxidative stress and inflammation in our bodies, DNA damage, and a lowered ability to fight off diseases and prevent chronic conditions. We can keep free radicals in check by adding anti-oxidants to our diet.

Current research shows that keeping damaging inflammation in check can help prevent further joint deterioration in people with osteoarthritis. Though we may take drugs such as ibuprofen to prevent inflammation, for free radical formation we might consider using anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help fight free radicals by giving up extra electrons, which stops free radical formation in its tracks.

A research study on the superior anti-oxidant, Carbon 60, in rabbits has shown that Carbon 60 can help reduce inflammation and prevent further joint damage. This is promising for people with arthritis, as it could provide relief from pain caused by the damaging inflammation caused by arthritis.

The anti-oxidant qualities of Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil may help support the relief of inflammation caused by arthritis.

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