Is taking Carbon-60 safe?

Yes. All life on earth is carbon based. That is, it's the key component for all life. Carbon is plentiful, and one of the more common elements on earth. It’s even in space! Our bodies need carbon to survive. By definition “organic” means that it contains carbon; so everything organic contains carbon. Carbon 60, also referred to as “buckyballs,” is 60 carbon atoms arranged in a sphere. Toxicity studies have concluded that Carbon 60 has not produced any sub-acute negative effects.  Our proprietary non-solvent formula is toxin free, GMO free and gluten free. Our Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil is simply single molecules of Carbon 60 suspended in organic sunflower oil. 

Why is Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil Black Compared to other Carbon 60 products I’ve seen on the internet?

Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil is black due to the abundance of single, Non-Clustered, Carbon 60 molecules suspended in the Organic Sunflower Oil. Conservatively speaking, we pack over a million times more single molecules of Carbon 60 into each serving than anyone else on the market.
We developed a proprietary process to make, or convert, single molecules of Carbon 60. When you have single molecules, instead of clusters, they disperse in the sunflower oil easily and work much more effectively traveling around the body donation electrons. 
Our high quality Organic Sunflower Oil is cold processed at our supplier and through out the entire process of our operations of blending and bottling. 


Why is Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil more cost effective than other Carbon 60 products I’ve seen on the internet?

Our proprietary C60 formula is more concentrated!  At Carbon-60™ we have engineered a process to manufacture our own Carbon-60 from scratch. Our proprietary process produces mono-molecular or single molecules of Carbon 60 with no solvents. We then suspend these single molecules of Carbon-60™ in organic sunflower oil. Because of this unique production process, our formula contains an unprecedented quantity of single Carbon 60 molecules. Other Carbon 60 products do not make claims of being solvent free nor claim to have single molecules. Other C60 oil suspension products use a toluene processed Carbon 60 purchased from bulk manufacturers. Other carbon 60 producers Carbon is not monomolecular and consists of thousands of C 60 molecules stuck together by trace amounts of toluene or other solvents. Our single bottle of Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil contains substantially more single solvent free Carbon 60 molecules than any other Carbon-60 product on the market. Our Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil is a deep, rich black color indicative of how many Carbon-60 molecules are contained in every drop!

How does Carbon-60 work?

Toxins steal electron form bodily molecules, Carbon 60 donates, or shares a replacing electron repairing the molecule. Each Carbon 60 molecule is very tiny—it would take 100,000 Carbon-60 molecules to bridge the width of a single human hair! A special quality, and the reason Carbon-60 works, is that our single molecules of the Carbon-60 can share one or two electrons. Essentially, a free radical is a “damaged” molecule missing an electron. These single Carbon-60 molecules has the ability to "magnetically" search out and attach itself to a “damaged” molecules by sharing one of its' electrons. Once these damaging free radical are repaired, they no longer effect the area around them. Think of it as free radicals are tiny roadblocks throughout your body. Once the tiny roadblocks are removed, your body naturally has more energy to function better and heal itself!

Why did you choose to use Sunflower Oil instead of Olive Oil?

Both organic sunflower oil and organic olive oil on their own merits have reasonable health benefits. They are both low in saturated fat, gluten free and GMO free. After significant laboratory testing we found that we prefer the virtually non-taste, good suspension superior consistency and extended shelf life of organic sunflower oil. Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil has a very mild flavor and is almost tasteless when taken straight from the dropper.

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