Serving Size for Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil

A serving size is 2/3 (two-thirds) of a dropper per day, which is about 2/3 (two-thirds) of a ml or just under ½ teaspoon. Each bottle contains 30 ml (1 oz) which is about a 45-day supply.

Watch this video as founder and scientist Bob Greska explains and demonstrates a daily serving of Carbon-60TM Organic Sunflower Oil.

There are millions of single molecules of Carbon 60 in just one (2/3 ml) serving of Carbon-60TM Organic Sunflower Oil and that’s a lot of anti-oxidants!

Free Radicals and Anti-Oxidants.  Most health professionals and medical researchers agree that many of our body’s ailments are related to free radicals. A free radical is a molecule that has been damaged and is missing an electron. This free radical could have been damaged by over-use, toxins in our environment, poor diet, injury, disease, radiation or even every day exercise. An anti-oxidant has the ability to repair these damaged molecules by donating an electron and essentially repairing this damaged molecule.

Anti-oxidants include:

 Why are single molecules of C60 so important?  Carbon 60 molecules are so small that 100,000 C60 molecules would fit on the width of a single human hair! Shaped like a soccer ball (also called a buckeyball), a single molecule of Carbon 60 has 60 electrons available to repair a free radical. C60 is most effective when many, many single molecules are suspended in oil. When you have Carbon 60 molecules that are clumped together, their effectiveness is greatly reduced. Our proprietary process produces single C 60 molecules that stay as single molecules of Carbon 60, providing an incredible amount of anti-oxidant power.

Are you ready to try our superior anti-oxidant Carbon-60TM Organic Sunflower Oil?