What is a Free Radical and How Does Carbon-60 Help?

As you may remember from your basic chemistry lesson, besides an atom, a molecule is smallest form of a chemical unit found in nature. Atoms are the tiny elements that combine to form a molecule. Atoms are made of a central nucleus clustered with neutrons and protons orbited by one or more electrons. Molecules are formed as atoms are joined and held together by the electron sharing, which is the “glue” that chemically binds the atoms together to form a molecule.

In simple terms, a free radical is a cellular byproduct that causes damage to cells by increasing oxidative stress. A molecule can be “damaged” from toxic substances, injury, illness, or naturally as a by-product of our body’s normal metabolism. Excessive exercise or fitness workouts also cause the formation of free radicals. Oxidative Stress from a hard workout damages molecules by causing them to loose one of its electrons; therefore becoming a free radical.

Free radicals are typically very active, unstable, and vibrate at a different frequency as they look to other nearby molecules to “attach” themselves by taking away an electron from their neighbor molecule. This “attachment” often creates a chain reaction, in that the next molecule is now “damaged” and must repair itself, and so on. This chain reaction results in an increase in oxidative stress.  Many health care professionals and scientists agree that free radicals and oxidative stress are the cause of most health issues.

We are all exposed to these potential causes of free radicals:

Free radicals inhibit our body’s natural functions to recovery from intense physical activity or to heal from illness or injury. Since Carbon-60™  is monomolecular (composed of single molecules of Carbon-60 or C60), our formula provides the excellent mobility and availability to seek out and attach “magnetically” (by sharing an electron), to find and “repair” free radicals.  When free radicals are disabled and processed out of your body, you will have more energy for your body to heal itself and function normally. YOU FEEL BETTER!

ORDER your Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil  NOW!

ORDER your Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil NOW!