Oxidative Stress and How Does it Affect our Bodies?

Oxidants, including "Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)”, are formed naturally in the body as a byproduct during the normal metabolism of oxygen. These ROS are important for our bodies to function properly and normally our bodies’ immune system can handle these ROS. Free radicals are a type of ROS produced by the body.

But environmental stress, exposure to toxins, exercise, injury, or illness can dramatically increase ROS and Free Radical levels leading to damaged cell structure. Oxidative stress is the collective result of this on-going damage caused by free radicals during the process of our bodies’ normal metabolism, injury, illness and stress or extreme workouts. This overload of free radicals can overcome the body's natural capabilities to neutralize or detoxify them, resulting in oxidative stress.

Scientific and Medical studies indicate that abnormally high concentrations of free radicals and oxidative stress can damage all major components of cells, including proteins, cell membranes and DNA. It is this damage to DNA that may contribute to the development of many health problems including cancer.

Studies have confirmed that oxidative stress can be linked to many health problems including:

A research study conducted in 2011 found that Carbon 60 can inhibit the rate of tumor growth and metastasis. The study concluded, “The obtained results can be explained as a result of the high antioxidant activity of C60 fullerenes [11], neutralizing excess reactive oxygen species in the cell [20], and possibly blocking the specific cell receptors, for example, endothelial growth factor receptors [12].”

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