What Makes Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil Special?

Carbon-60™ is the only Carbon 60 Fullerene product on the market that uses a solvent free method that produces single molecules of Carbon 60 that remain as single Carbon 60 molecules. Our proprietary process for the manufacture of Mono-Molecular Carbon 60 was developed in 2012 by an Aerospace Carbon Engineer. His carbon based education and career, as a Materials and Processes Engineer has also allowed him a unique insight into the characteristics and properties of working with carbon.

A single Carbon 60 Molecule has 20 sites on each tiny molecule to share electrons and 20 possible sites to repair free radical damage and oxidative stress, by sharing these electrons. Dispersing these Carbon-60™ single molecules in our organic Sunflower Oil, allows the Carbon 60 molecules to stay suspended in the oil. They then have the ability to move more freely within the body so they can effectively scavenge free radicals and toxins from your body.

We use no Solvents…Our process is different!

Other carbon products use carbon from pyrolysis of coconut shells or use Carbon 60 made with solvents. This refined solvent processed Carbon 60 is produced in a cake form, (much like a soft charcoal briquette we use for grilling). Coconut processed Carbon is not Carbon 60 and consists of larger particles of burnt coconut shells.  

Other Carbon 60 producers start with a carbon block or rod and blast it underwater using a laser or arc carbon rods with electricity. The laser or electric arc heats the carbon and burns off many shapes of different geometries (flakes, rods and spheres). They collect this conglomerate of carbon particles and separate out the Carbon 60 by using a toxic solvent, toluene.  After several refinements with toluene, it is then dried to allow the solvent to evaporate. It is by the mechanics of drying that the Carbon 60 takes on the cake-like or briquette form. Not all the toluene is removed by the drying and trace amounts of toluene is still attached and holds the C-60 and other carbon shapes together in clusters.

Other manufacturers of Carbon 60 Olive Oil (C60oo) use this toluene tainted cake briquette and grind it into the finest powder they can. It is not physically possible to grind the carbon cake down to its mono molecular (near atomic) size. At best, they can grind it down to 1,000 molecule clusters of C60, but more typically their fine grind clusters contain 10,000 to 30,000 Carbon 60 molecules and other shapes stuck together by the trace toluene. Next, this carbon “powder” is mixed with olive oil for about 2 weeks. They then filtered this oil carbon mix through a 200 to 300 nanometer (200 to 300 times the size of a C60 molecule) filter removing any of the larger clusters. This strained carbon oil mixture is centrifuged to further remove many of the still larger clusters. This centrifuge process leaves some very small clusters and very few if any mono-molecules of C-60. They sell this amber colored liquid that is nowhere near black in color, due to very few C-60 molecules contained in their formula.

Other Carbon 60 olive oil suspension products start with 0.8 mg/ml of caked Carbon 60 but after the above described processing of grinding, filtering and centrifuging, they are left a very low concentration of clustered Carbon 60 molecules, hence the amber color. They also label their product " as for experimental use only" or "not for recommended for human consumption" due to the encapsulated toluene in their product.  

Why We Don’t Use Solvents in Our Carbon-60™

There a Difference in our Carbon-60™ Product!

At Engineering Innovations, we produce our own Carbon 60. We produce mono-molecular Carbon-60. Since our Carbon60 is mono-molecular we do not have to process it to remove any clusters because there are no clusters in our Carbon 60 manufacturing process!

Our Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil formula is a dark, rich black as each serving (2/3 of a dropper or 2/3 ml) has many, many, many times more single molecules of Carbon 60 than other Carbon 60 oil products. So, YES—there is a difference! And our satisfied customers would agree! Compare them your self, as many have done.

Order our mono-molecular Carbon-60™ and feel the difference in 4 to 5 days.

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 Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil