Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil: 45 Day Supply

Are you ready to feel stronger, feel better and live longer? Our Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil proprietary formula is simply mono molecular carbon suspended in organic sunflower oil. No other ingredients…no fillers or artificial flavors. Our solvent-free manufacturing process makes our product non-toxic, gluten free, non GMO and has a pleasant, almost tasteless flavor.

What Makes Our Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil Special? The abundance of single molecule Carbon 60 makes our product a rich, black color so you know you are buying the highest quality Carbon-60 product.

One bottle of Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil provides 45 doses, or 45 days of one dose per day. Each dose is 2/3 ml (about 2/3 dropper). 

Are you ready to try Carbon-60™ Organic Sunflower Oil?

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