Greska’s Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil: The Truth Starts Here

Greska’s Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil:  The Truth Starts Here

First of all, we’d like to thank all of our faithful followers who stood by us and continued to believe in our product. In addition, we’d like to make perfectly clear, that here at Greska’s Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil, we believe that C60 is an incredible discovery that needs to be shared and made available to everyone. We also believe that there is enough business for everyone, whether you are a mega-warehouse manufacturer, reseller using a purchased raw powder or simply a home-brewer.  That said, we have been put in a position where we are taking a stand to defend ourselves and let the truth be told.

This is the first article in a two months long series which will lay to rest the negative information that has been flooding the internet about our product, Greska’s Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil. This series of articles will dispel this negative information, help educate the public about our product and explain how we know that our proprietary process produces a very pure raw C60 powder consisting of very small, non-clustered particles of carbon 60.

The Research:  Why Greska’s Carbon-60 is a Superior C60 Product

After many months of in-house testing and reputable third-party laboratory testing, we will be sharing the results of these tests to verify our claims that Greska’s Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil does in fact contain C60 and our carbon 60 contains C60 of the smallest particle size. And, we’ll also be sharing tests which affirm our claim to the safety and purity of our C60. We have all sorts of lab tests; analytical tests, visual tests, volumetric tests, optical microscope pictures, high power microscope pictures, etc. Also, we have very credible technical reports from renowned Universities, both in the United States and abroad, and U.S. Government funded studies which confirm that we have C60 in our product.

The History:  Internet Nonsense

Earlier this year there were questions raised across the Internet about the integrity of Greska’s Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil with the primary refrain being that we do not have C60 in our product.


YouTube Video Challenging the Integrity of Greska’s C-60 Product


It started with a YouTube video from a “scientist” saying, “it’s not C60.” He said this without any scientific proof, just his limited knowledge and a misleading demonstration. Then, toward the end of the video he backtracked a bit and said, “I’m a scientist, so I’m not going to say this doesn’t have any C60 in it, it could have trace amounts of C60.”

But the predominant sentiment of that video was that we were fakers, fraudsters, deceivers and shammers trying to scam people and ride the ever growing C60 wave. “It doesn’t turn purple, so there’s no C60 in it” was a refrain we read on many YouTube and Facebook posts. Again, we want to thank the many unsolicited supporters that had our back and supported us up in the comments section of these various YouTube and Facebook posts. Or as you all have been called, “Bob’s Troll Army!”





In the following weeks here is what we will be sharing with you:
  • How we got our raw Greska’s Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil to turn purple
  • Why it does not turn purple instantaneously when added to Toluene
  • How small is our C60?
  • How we know many other C60 products are clustered together
  • The purity of Greska’s Carbon-60
  • The test results showing the non-toxicity of Greska’s Carbon-60
  • Why our C-60 is black
  • How we know our Carbon-60 is super concentrated

Solution of Greska’s Raw C60 Powder Saturated in Toluene Turns Purple

Another slanderous comment in a YouTube video took us to task by saying, “It’s called Carbon-60. All it is Carbon black, the same sort of stuff you might find in your copier machine mixed with Sunflower Oil. It’s like activated charcoal.” His statements were not true, and the proof is to follow in the coming weeks.

Yet another YouTuber on her YouTube show, with help of a special guest, didn’t mince words, crossing the line and flat out called us a “scam.”  She looked into the camera and flat out told her YouTube audience we were selling “C-60 that didn’t have any C-60 in it.” At the end of her show she told her audience she would “eat crow” and have us on her show and market our product if we had proof of C-60 in our product.

Well, it’s time to get out the knife and fork, Ms. YouTube celebrity, because you have a big plate of crow sitting on the table.

On that same show someone weighed in saying, “The person who runs the company, whose name I won’t say, he’s basically dissing a lot of the other people in the C60 industry saying that their products have solvents in it.”

Let’s set the record straight, we never “dissed” anyone. We simply pointed out the simple fact that our product is made solvent free. That was true on the day we started making C60 without the use of solvents in 2012 and remains true today. And, for the record, producing pure C60 powder using absolutely NO solvents at any point is something no other manufacturers of C60 powder can say. Many raw C60 powder manufacturers admit to the fact that they use solvents such as toluene, benzene, xylene or other toxic solvents in their manufacturing process. Ask yourselves, why do many other manufacturers of C60 oils put on their product labels, “Laboratory Use Only”, “Not for Human Consumption”, “this is Not a Food”, “Research Grade”?

One C60 oil producer even says in one of his early videos that, “We have trace amounts of toluene in our product” then shrugged his shoulders, looked into the camera and said, “but the C60 should take care of it.” Should take care of it? Seems like a stretch to us. And do you really want to be putting any amount of toxic solvent into your body? Especially as toluene absorption is cumulative in your body.

As a producer of C60, we here at Greska’s Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil believe our obligation is to inform the public about how most Carbon 60 is processed. As an educated consumer, you deserve to know the facts about all C60 products so that you may make your purchases based on fact…and certainly not fiction!

So, after extensive testing, it has been proved by, third party testing, that we do have C60 in our product. There is evidence that shows that our raw C60 powder is pure. Don’t be fooled by claims of 99.9% purity. Those numbers don’t mean what you think they mean.

Our Story:  The Truth Comes Out

We’ve been silent for the past few months because it takes time to search for credible test laboratories and facilities, to collect the samples and finally to conduct the testing and wait for the results.

Over the next few weeks and months we will lay out our case of how we have endeavored to prove we have C60 in Greska’s Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil and how it has been verified by independent, third party testing. The labs we used for testing don’t manufacture or sell C60 as other labs do. Some manufacturers not only produce their own Carbon 60, but they also test their own product and then “guarantee” their own product. The labs we chose do not bottle our product and then issue a Certificate of Analysis like other C60 companies. The labs we used are third party, independent, credible, nationally known test labs and have no business connection or financial interests in our company. Our independent, third-party, credible proof comes from laboratories with locations in North America, Europe and Asia.

As you can imagine, this was quite costly. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars getting these tests done. All the while taking heat about what a “scam” our product was. But these are expenditures we were happy to take on, as we believed these tests were the only way to prove our case and reclaim our good name.

There were many, many supporters who have stuck with us, knowing our product works, and supported us over these past months. And for that support we are eternally grateful.

This article is the first of a series that will show you our proof. Over the next couple of months, we’ll post and send out via our newsletter list a new article once or twice each week. Each article will carry a different piece of the proof, so that at the end of the articles you, our trusted readers, will be able to say definitively, “Yes, Greska’s Carbon-60 does have C60 in their product.” “Yes, Greska’s Carbon-60 does have a super concentrated product and more available C60 molecules. “Yes, Greska’s Carbon-60 does have by far the cleanest C60 product on the market.” And, “Yes, those other guys were wrong and owe Bob Greska an apology.”


The First Step:  C60, Toluene and the Color Purple

So, then, let’s get to the proof that there is C60 in Greska’s Carbon 60 Organic Sunflower Oil. First, let’s do a little bit of myth busting. As we discussed above, others have continually proclaimed the color purple as conclusive proof of C-60 in your product. To say that purple is the only indication of C60 isn’t entirely true. And, there’s a couple of real scientists who proved it.

This scientifically conducted study, Potent Solvents for C60 and their Utility for the Rapid Acquisition of 13CNMR Data for Fullerenes was funded by the Office of Naval Research, the National Science Foundation and generous industrial contributors to the NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award (1991-96) for J.M.T.: Hercules Incorporated, IBM, 4S Corporation, Ethyl Corporation, Shell Development Company, and Eli Lilly.

Scientific tests conducted at the University of South Carolina back in 1993 show exactly how C60 and various solvents react when put together.  According to Dr. W.A. Scrivens and his partner, Dr. J.M. Tour, both in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the C60 and solvent solution turns various colors when mixed with different solvents. Some are purple, some are pink, some are magenta, and some are even yellow. At least one is brown. And even one turned green.


Chart from Potent Solvents Research Study: Room Temperature Solubility of C60 in Various Solvents

When Dr. Scrivens and Dr. Tour conducted their testing of C60 and various solvents more than two decades ago, they used a variety of solvents.  Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and propyl benzene all turned Magenta when C60 was added. Currently, toluene is the most used solvent for extracting C60.

The results indicate that many substituted aromatic solvents were superior to benzene and toluene for the dissolution of C60. Substituted naphthalenes and 1,2-dichlorobenzene were approximately 10 times better solvents than toluene. It’s interesting that although toluene was not the most effective solvent tested, it continues to be the industry standard for extracting C60 many years later.

One leading supplier of C60 to research labs, C60 Oil resellers and consumers across the country, said in a recent YouTube video, consumers “rightfully should be concerned” about the existence of toluene, or other harmful chemicals in their C60.


Screen Capture of Research Grade C60 Product

One raw C60 supplier went on to say his lab had recently refunded a customer and paid for the product to be shipped back when the customer ordered the wrong C60 that the company acknowledged contained solvents. This company also admits he used the solvent toluene in the production of all its C60.

So, what can you take away from this study? Let’s all agree:

  • C60 dissolved in a solvent produces a solution that is purple, pink, magenta, brown, etc., depending on the solvent used
  • The solvents used in this study are toxic
  • Toluene is an effective agent to dissolve C60, but according to this study is not the most effective solvent
  • This test follows today’s industry standard for detecting C60. This method involves solvents

What else have we learned? The statements about Greska’s Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil made on YouTube and other social media channels were not scientifically sound and were misleading.


Coming Up Next:  We’ll share what Russian scientists say about pure C-60’s true color. As you can probably guess, it isn’t purple. Stay tuned.


  • Errol turner Posted October 3, 2018 4:27 pm

    I said from the beginning that if it was c60 which it is as the results with myself and the 15 other people I have supplied it to speak for themselves. Then the answer had to be toluene as that was the missing component. I would need pages to put the results I and my friends and relatives have seen. I intend to do a video for you tube shortly. Lastly I’m from Australia I contacted bob and told him of my medical problems not only did he send me his product but he sent it free of charge I would consider myself a good judge of character and unless I’m greatly mistaken bob is the genuine artical I talk with him on a weekly basis and he always has time for a update. Thanks bob it’s a sad reality these days that unlike the legal system where you are innocent until proven guilty the internet is the opposite these people accuse you and you have to prove your innocence.

  • Linda Posted October 3, 2018 9:09 pm

    Just want to say thank you for C60 it has helped me with many issues I had. So sorry you had to go through all the negative BS.

  • Ronda Hobson Posted October 5, 2018 2:01 pm

    This is great!!!! I thought you might like to know that the first paragraph after your list of “what we will be sharing” has “proof” misspelled. You have poof. Also continuing down the page in paragraph 6 it says, “but the c60 should take of it”. It should say “should take care of it”. I thought you would like to know so these write ups can be even more professional. But this was very well done!!!! Good for you to stand up for your integrity and your product!!!! My husband and I just watched the movie and true story, “Flash of Genius”. Incredible story about the Ford car company stealing his invention and what he did. Powerful!!!!

    • C60 Editor Posted October 11, 2018 3:57 pm

      Thanks for your eagle eye! We really appreciate it! And thank you for your kind words!

  • John Kacarab Posted October 27, 2018 2:58 am

    Thanks Bob…. I knew your product was superior from the beginning. I am so glad that you are taking the time to PROVE you have the superior product. I saw those video and the YouTuber who made the claims that your product was a scam…. I was shocked she said it and told her so. I asked for equal time for you and now you are going to get it. Turns out this, though costly, will put you at the Top of the Market for c-60 products. Fantastic!

  • Erik james Posted November 27, 2018 1:27 pm

    I just received a shipment and am hesitant to open it because of the return policy, I emailed the company in regards to this asking for a chemical analysis, no 3rd party proof yet. And to top it off the ingredient list on the bottle says, organic sunflower oil, and carbon. It doesn’t say carbon 60 as an ingredient it could be any kind of carbon and legally they wouldn’t technically be lying. Why doesn’t it say carbon 60???

    • C60ShopManager Posted November 30, 2018 3:10 pm

      Hi Eric!

      Please go to our website and please read the blogs. It took quite some time to get tests. We will be publishing the Certs and test results on our web site soon. It is the purest and cleanest Carbon 60 in our product. We will be revising the label. Please look at the results posted in the blog. Call me direct if you have any questions.

      Bob Greska

  • Eric Helfrich Posted February 16, 2019 9:47 am

    How can a consumer compare the CONCENTRATION of C60 in your product vs others? Most sellers/manufacturers recommended dose per day is around 4.0-4.5mg which is usually in 5ml of product. That’s between 0.9 and 0.8mg per ml, 5ml x .9/.8 mg per ml = 4.5-4.0mg per dose. That’s clear enough. The only reference to your C60 products concentration that I found on this website is “100 billion single molecules of Carbon 60 in just one (2/3 ml” which is one dose. Ok, great, how does a consumer compare 100 billion molecules per dose to 4.5-4.0 mg c60 per dose of OTHER c60 products????? That is the CRUX of it and I can’t find any answer to it. Someone please answer this question please! There is no other description of concentration in CARBON-60 brand(Greaska) product. Does the bioavailability of CARBON-60(Greska) product differ from the other C60 manufacturer’s products as well due to the much finer distribution of c60? Thank you anyone who has insight/answer to these questions.

    • C60ShopManager Posted April 28, 2019 10:18 pm

      Mg per Bottle

      Our concentration of C60 to oil ratio is just under one half of a percent (0.42% to be exact).

      We make, or convert, our own raw C60 “powder” by our sole and exclusive non-crystalline C60 powder manufacturing process. Then we blend it into high quality organic non-GMO sunflower oil. We do everything in house from making the carbon 60 to blending, bottling, labeling, packing and shipping it.

      We measure our concentration by volume, not by weight. It is NOT how much weight of C60 you have, it is the number of C60 spheres you have available. Since our spheres, or “particle,” size is much, much smaller than any other commercially available C60, we have many, many more spheres per gram.

      Scroll down to about the third page on the link below and look at the 28500-magnification row in the grid of 36 Electron Microscope pics. You can see the size difference of our C60 “powder” compare to the much larger particle size of the C60 “powders” from other C60 powder producers.

      Colorado School of Mines Transmission Electron Microscope pics and HAADF analysis

      Most all C60 oil suppliers purchase their C60 from a C60 manufacturer. They start with a gram of solvent produced C60 powder then grind these salt sized crystals of C60 to finer crystals. Then they mix them into oil for 2 weeks in an attempt to dissolve all these crystals. Then they filter the C60 oil mixture through 220 nanometers filter to filter out the larger crystals. And yes, they do get quite a bit of these crystals on the filter. Our C60, as you can see by the Electron Microscope are much, much finer as produced. We do not mix our C60 into the oil for two weeks, we mix for about 2 minutes, as extensive mixing is not required with our C60 as manufactured as a non-crystalline “powder”.

      Our C60 spheres are tiny round, non-crystalline C60 and is 4000 times smaller than all other raw C60 crystalline powders, (see pics). All other C60 raw powder manufacturers burn carbon rods producing soot of many carbon forms and make crystalline C60 as crystals of C60 are formed when they dry off the solvents they use to separate the C60 from the soot. They typically use toluene (or other even more toxic solvents) as the solvent to separate their C60 fullerenes from the soot in their carbon rod electric arc manufacturing process.

      We have perfected our process to produce only C60 in the form of very small, near atomic size spheres. No separation is required of our C60 power from other random carbon forms.

      So, due to our small size, gram per gram our C60 is more than 4000 times more bio-available. And since they are so much tinier, they are much more able to be magnetically attracted by the tiny electron charges from a free radical and toxins. The greater number of C60 “particles” and the smaller they are. The more bio-available they are.

      We have over 100 billion C60 molecules in our standard serving of two thirds a ml. (1/8th teaspoon).

      Due to our small C60 size made by our proprietary solvent-less process, our C60 is much more bio-available.

      Also, ours C60 is so fine we can super concentrate these large number of C60 molecules in what is known as a colloidal suspension (no one else can do this as their particles are so large). With Greska’s Super Concentrate you do not have to consume vast quantities of oil like you have to consume with these other C60 oil providers…plus there are no trace solvents.

      Arc/solvent produced C60 oil products can only achieve up to the saturation limit of their oil. These arc solvent producers cannot produce their C60 particles small enough to go into a colloidal suspension. They can only achieve the saturation limit of the oil.

      We far exceed this saturation limit of the oil many, many times over by putting many, many more tiny “particles” in colloidal suspension.

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