Meet Our Founder—Bob Greska

Meet Our Founder—Bob Greska

Research Scientist/Carbon Engineer

A cabinet maker’s son, Greska’s Carbon-60™ in Organic Sunflower Oil Founder and CEO Bob Greska learned at an early age about precision and quality. His father’s cabinet shop was located above a fiberglass shop where the very first fiberglass shower stalls were made, so he has been around innovation his entire life.

As an elementary school student, Mr. Greska took a lawn mower apart to make an air compressor. Later, he took apart an old stove to make a burner for his part-time popcorn business. Unbeknownst to Mr. Greska, that endeavor would start him on the path to a life of innovation and entrepreneurship.

After high school, Mr. Greska was tapped to work with one of the early developers of fiber optics. It was there that Mr. Greska learned to work with light, glass fibers and the electromagnetic spectrum to develop medical equipment and optical read heads.

Mr. Greska received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in 1978.

Bob Greska, Carbon 60 Maker“I would have rather become a professional ski instructor, but I buckled down and made college work for me,” Mr. Greska said. “After college, I was off and running up and down the East and West coast selling bungee cords, while looking for the perfect stretch of beach. Just to keep my perspective, however, I interviewed with various aerospace companies.”

One of those companies, Lockheed Missile and Space Company, hired Mr. Greska and put him to work in the company’s space program.

At Lockheed, Mr. Greska learned the finer details of manufacturing space quality Graphite/Epoxy structures and engineered graphite/composite sandwich telescoping, tri-tracked large-diameter tubes. As a materials and process engineer, Mr. Greska worked on the ceramic tiles which were used as the re-entry shield for the very first space shuttle, Columbia. His duties included oversight of the process of turning high purity silicon dioxide glass fibers into the ceramic billets used to carve out the shuttle tiles.

Mr. Greska’s career in aerospace provided him the opportunity to work with advanced composites materials such as carbon fiber, advanced ceramics and plastics. His work in the space industry also brought him one of the nation’s highest security clearances.

Martin Marietta hired Mr. Greska for its Composites laboratory, where he worked on various fiber-reinforced composite projects and was instrumental in the design of jet aircraft engine nacelles (yes, similar to the ones you see on Star Trek).

In 1990 Mr. Greska founded Engineering Innovations, LLC, a firm dedicated to the design and manufacture of various carbon, carbon fiber and Kevlar structures for the medical, sports, fitness and aerospace communities. He worked mainly with various forms of carbon, water, petrochemicals and glasses; and developing new technology. It was at Engineering Innovations that Mr. Greska pioneered the modern-day spring shoe and personal altitude simulation chambers. He also developed new composite prosthetic devices, a revolutionary robot arm, a body fitting graphite/Kevlar seat for top-fuel dragsters, graphite-wrapped baseball bats, drumsticks, violin bows, and miniature rocket nozzles, as well as a honeycomb-sandwich force platform for human metabolic studies.

In 2012, in a major break-through, Mr. Greska discovered a non-solvent method to produce “mono-molecular” Carbon-60, (single, non-clustered molecules of Carbon 60 or C60).

After extensive scientific and medical research, Mr. Greska realized the potential health and athletic performance benefits associated with Greska’s Carbon-60™ in Organic Sunflower Oil and wanted to share this remarkable find with others. So, he formed Carbon 60, Inc. to focus on this revolutionary product.


Founder and Carbon Engineer, Bob Greska has nearly 40 years’ experience working with carbon and had a break-through discovery in 2012. He discovered a method to produce single molecules of Carbon-60 without toxic solvents. This is significant as single, non-clustered molecules of C60 have the potential for many health, energy and vitality benefits.

Why Use Our Carbon-60?

Energy 100%
Health 100%
Vitality 100%

Choose Us?

  • Single molecules of C60 stay suspended in oil better
  • Single molecules of Carbon 60 are able to move about our bodies more freely
  • Single molecules of Carbon 60 provide more free radical scavenging power
  • We don’t use any toxic solvents in our proprietary process
  • It’s safe and effective
  • Our proprietary process ensures that our product has many single molecules of C60 molecules in every bottle
  • No clumps of C60
  • We pack 45 servings into each 1 ounce bottle
  • We never heat our organic sunflower oil during our manufacturing process
  • Our sunflower oil is produced in the USA, is cold-pressed, certified organic and non-GMO

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